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Your ULTIMATE Guide to Wedding Planning

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Everything You Need to Know From an Industry Professional

By: Precision Planning- Northern VA | DMV

Have you ever read a blog that said THEIR guide was THE ultimate wedding planning guide, but then after reading it, you felt like you didn't really gain much of anything? Same Here! That's why we're writing this post to let you in on industry tips and tricks used by our very own business! We've helped multitudes of couples plan and execute their D R E A M wedding, and we are going to share how we did it with YOU!

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Where Do I Even Start?

Great Question! Maybe you've already started saving posts on social media- like Instagram and TikTok- or maybe you've created a wedding board on Pinterest. Those are all good places to start, however, it can often leave you feeling overwhelmed. That's okay, *take a deep breath* and keep reading. What can be even MORE helpful than randomly scrolling through social media, is doing a specific search for vendors in your area. For example, if you're living in Manhattan, NY try typing in "wedding vendors manhattan" in your search bar on Instagram. Mostly all vendors use Instagram as a way to showcase their portfolio, and, it also represents the type of work they WANT to do and are skilled at. So step 1, we'd say find vendors that match your aesthetic and vibe. Maybe make an excel spreadsheet (you either hate it or love it) or take notes in a cute wedding planner notebook like this one!

Schedule Consults with Wedding Vendors

Are you the type of person that waits forever to schedule your appointments? Don't worry, I think we all are! That's where technology comes in handy. Find the vendors that allow you to send emails or texts to set up appointments, instead of having to call and wait on hold just to get their voicemail-Ughh so frustrating.

Some people may have told you to "go with whoever got back to you first" because that shows that they are "prompt" and "good with time management". This may not always be the case!! Sometimes, vendors are too busy with current clients to tend to new/inquiring clients, which is a GOOD thing- that means they're giving their attention to the customers that have already put their trust in them! *cue imaginary light bulb turning on over your head* That's right, it doesn't mean they're ignoring you, just give them 24-48 hours to get back to you, we think that's reasonable!

What To Ask/Look For During the Consultation

Okay so you've finally gotten the vendor consults scheduled, good job! Now what? First, you have to ask if they are available on the date of your wedding before you get into anything else. Next, make sure you have notes/screenshots on their specific work that stood out to you the most, and what you would like to have incorporated into your wedding day. From there, you can ask them how much they would charge for said work.

Every industry within the wedding industry works differently. For example, the wedding cake industry is completely different than the floristry industry. So, let's say you're talking to a wedding cake vendor. They will probably ask you how many people you will need the cake to serve, what flavors you are looking for, and how many tiers. Then, they would ask you about the specific design that you want. Now, if you're talking to a florist, they would ask you for any inspiration pictures and your budget. Yes, florists can ask you for your budget! Why? Because most florists will tell you the reality that your inspiration picture may be wayyy out of your budget! If it's the right florist for the job, they will take their time to give you alternative suggestions that fit your budget and match your aesthetic! That's what we do at Precision Planning We have many clients that have come to us with floral decor inspirations, not knowing the time, effort, labor, and cost associated with it. However, we have helped many couples execute their vision and be extremely thankful to us for staying within their budget!

Finally, the most important part is ask your vendor if they have a platform where their former clients have left them reviews. Just like you would go to google search to look for "best sushi near me" and read the countless reviews before making a decision, it's a good idea to do that for your wedding too. Reviews actually go a long way, it tells you that a couple took the time out of their busy lives to leave this vendor a stellar (or not so stellar) review. Take your time and read the reviews!! And then, after your wedding, make sure you take some time out of your busy day to leave your vendors reviews!! They really do appreciate it- after all it helps their business and the next couple that is in the same spot you currently are in now :)

In Summary...

Wedding planning can be stressful, time consuming, and just plain hard. So we hope this article helped narrow some things down for you and help you get started in the right direction! If you do some detective work and find vendors in your area, schedule the consults, and asks the right questions, you will be G O L D E N.

Oh wait, one more thing... haha.. yes we have a little bonus for you if you've read through this far! The most important thing we would suggest is this: cost sometimes does determine who we end up booking due to financial constraints, however, don't let someone's cost be the ONLY determining factor when booking them. How did you feel when they spoke to you, did they listen, understand your vision, and do you think you could TRUST them? Trusting your vendors are the #1 key to ensuring your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible. If you don't trust the vendor you just spoke to, find another one. Vendors also want to be trusted and not micromanaged. So, if you don't trust them and end up micromanaging them, or questioning their competence, that just makes the experience unpleasant for everyone-which nobody wants!

We hope you enjoyed this article and Happy Wedding Planning!!

Leave us your comments below! What other topics would you like to be covered in our blog?

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